Sunday School for Children

Sunday School for Children

Students in our school have various levels of knowledge of Russian language: some are native speakers, and the others have other language backgrounds. Our aim is to give students instructions in Russian language (written and oral), and to introduce them to some aspects of Russian culture, literature, history and art. Particular attention is given to oral communication skills, singing, dancing and drama. These activities and the Foundations of Christian Orthodox Religion are parts of our curriculum.

Children dancingThe school operates from 9.30am – 1.30pm on Saturdays. Students are accepted from 4 years of age and are grouped by age and knowledge.

Our teachers either have teaching experience or background in education areas who dedicate their time to the Russian school without remuneration. The school is an established member of ACT Community Language Schools Association and receives grants from the association to maintain the teaching process. Our teachers regularly attend training workshops for teachers of ethnic schools.

School Principal Archpriest Alexander Morozow

Phone: (02) 6295 7798(H)

Vice Principal Tamara Vasilevna Makeeva

New Year celebrationThis school year curriculum includes the following items:

  • Basics of Russian Orthodox Religion
  • Russian language
  • Introduction to Russian literature and art
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Theatre
  • Graphic arts

The school operates from 12.00-16.00pm on Sundays.

Students are accepted from 4 years of age and are grouped by age and knowledge.
The school includes a pre-school group.


Additional extra-curriculum activities for both children and adults:

  • introduction to the history of art and literature,
  • theater,
  • Russian dance.

Extra-curriculum activities will start when sufficient interest is expressed by prospective participate.

For more information and registration of kids and special interest classes contact:


0411 078 866 Galina Amelina